Pascal DENIS, french skipper and entrepreneur from Saint Nazaire, enters the offshore sailing races for the next coming years with the goal to compete La route Du Rhum 2022 and The Race Around 2023
His Class 40 will be a technological and ecological innovations lab for boat building industry.
He wants to prove that we can sail greener and change the practices to minimize our footprint, even if this means accepting “relative performances”.

The Skipper

Pascal Denis

Born in Guérande, he has been sailing since his childhood. He studies literature and graduates a master in psychology in Nantes University, then works as a social worker for the french ministry of justice with young delinquents for 15 years. Meanwhile he keeps on racing most of the french atlantic championship regattas (6 wins) as trimmer and tactician. With his team he will be three times J105 champion of France and competed world championship in J80.

In 2012 he passes his STCW 200 GT captain license. Since then he sails as a professional delivery skipper in Europe and America, completing numerous transatlantic and transmediterranean passages.

In 2018, he created his company DMS in Saint Malo de Guersac to manage boat deliveries and thrown in a new dice: being an offshore racer and compete the Route du Rhum in 2022.

This prestigious single-handed race is one man’s dream but must be realised in the service of others, so he decided to transform his boat into a laboratory for experimenting technologies and initiatives dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of sailing boats.

The Class40

An ecological ocean racing laboratory

« I Love competing, but I am a seaman prior to a racer. As I do, my team is more concerned by our planet’s future than the first place» Pascal Denis.

Using wind power to move a boat on the water is virtuous concerning environment respect. But many improvements remain to be done with the use of carbonaceous material. Plastic manufacturing and composite materials revolution brought huge improvements with boats performances last 50 years. Less and less weight, now flying faster and faster !
**However, most of the carbon balance in a sail racing project is due the boat building.

Materials are from petrochemistry manufactured far away from the shipyards. Natural alternatives to synthetics fibers exist and need to be developped. French boat industry is a worlwide recognised know how. The whole chain can be mobilized, from initial formation to boatyards, from labs to ventures.

Le Class 40 est un support parfaitement adapté à la recherche et à la mise en œuvre de l’innovation.

  • The boat : medium sizedwith reasonnable efforts are easier ways to validate material strength hypothesis.
  • Schedules : Class 40 races alternate from daily inshore races to ocean crossings. Those boats have to be thought and built as an undeniable compromise between perfomances and toughness.
  • Budget : budget control is an important part in any project in these uncertain days. Building a new boat is expensive. Refiting will always be less expensive and pollutant.

We want to create a open source community to test and prove in real operating conditions technological innovations and local savoir-faire to launch a reliable, competitive and environment friendly boat.


Course à la Voile Class40 2020/2022


A boat dedicated to your reputation.

Sailing attracts an audience in search of emotions, carries values of humanism, controlled risk, rigor and performance, qualities that can be transposed to a brand. It is one of the 10 most publicized sports thanks to its visual appeal and the positive values it conveys. It is a dynamic support that gives a visibility as an actor and not as an advertiser. It allows to improve internal as external communication of our partners with a positive message that will involve its customers in the adventure.

according to Guillaume Jacquot in Le Figaro. 11/2018

More than 900 accredited journalists
67 hours of TV
More than 2 millions visitors to the event website
3 million viewers on Dailymotion…

One of the best sponsorship ratios in sports.
Powerful return on investment in terms of spontaneous awareness (Sodebo and AG2R went from 2% to respectively 35% and 65% in 20 years)
Memorization and understanding of the brand (up to 75%), according to skipper Thomas Coville.**

Marc Le Bras, manager of Serenis Consulting, main sponsor of Jean Galfione’s boat, commissioned an impact study on their boat’s sponsorship in the Route du Rhum 2018. Despite an aborted start for Jean, the results are amazing.

  • Strong web impact, equivalent to 2 million euros
  • Resumption of press releases by specialized sailing websites.
  • Two AFP dispatches covered by all general information websites (L’Express, Le Point, RTL, La Croix etc.).

  • In press, 520,000 € of spin offs with articles in the national dailies (Le Parisien, La Croix, l’Equipe) and a beautiful 1st page of Ouest France (largest French newspaper in terms of distribution: > 600,000).
  • TV and radio impact: France 3, BFM, RMC Sport/ RTL, Europe 1, Hit west…

Such media spin offs are equivalent to around 3.3 million euros of media purchase.

“If you think adventure is dangerous, I suggest you to try routine… it is deadly.”

Paolo Coelho


Our boat will aim to make our partners known in all the anchoring places and to embody the spirit of competition and adventure of Offshore Racing.

Let’s talk about it.

Course à la Voile Class40 2020/2022

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